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5629 Main Street, Studio 203
Williamsville, NY 14221



Physical Therapy

OUR PHYSICAL THERAPY IS DIFFERENT. Unlike many clinics that rely heavily on modalities (such as ultrasound, e-stim, and hot packs) or have you pay to perform simple exercises in the clinic that can easily be performed at home, we place a strong emphasis on providing manual therapy. When you come to Prescribed Motion, you can expect your therapist to use the majority of treatment time performing skilled, hands-on techniques.


... Spine and Joint Mobilization

... Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Therapeutic Massage

... Neural Tissue Mobilization

... Therapeutic Taping Techniques


... Restore motion

... Manage swelling and inflammation following injury or surgery

... Break adhesions and scar tissue

... Enhance circulation and promote tissue healing


We also prescribe simple therapeutic exercise to allow you to maintain your gains in therapy.

In order to provide this type of elite care, Prescribed Motion operates as a fee-for-service clinic. This means that payment is due at the time services are rendered and we will NOT bill your insurance company. We can, upon request, provide receipts with diagnosis and treatment codes which you may choose to submit to your insurance company. Once your insurance company processes your claim, you may be reimbursed directly according to their reimbursement scale.


With out the hassle of dealing with third-party payers, we are able to spend significantly more time with patients providing hands-on treatment. As a result, PEOPLE GET BETTER MUCH QUICKER!


With the restrictions insurance companies impose, this service model is becoming quite popular in all areas of healthcare. It’s great for those who:

... Need to get better in a hurry, especially athletes

... Have seen other health care providers or tried PT in a typical, insurance-driven practice with little success

... Have become frustrated by pain, lack of progress, or the impact an injury is having on life



Evaluation:  75 minutes - $150

Treatment Sessions:  60 minutes - $110